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Hey! You must like it here and are looking to help out. Without players like you we wouldn't be here, so you will get some perks!

Supporter Incentives:
30 days of subscription for choosen character.
Longer AFK timer from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.
Fatigue to 200 percent instead of 100 percent
Global chat + regular username color change.
No wait time for ::Say global chat.
Become a member of the supporter group on forums and ability to change your Title.
Ability to reduce ranged, prayer, magic with Ross Reducer.
+2x faster Points and Experience Rates.
Keeping RSCSlay online, without your help we wouldn't have community!!

You are donating your money to fund RSCSlay and will receive RSCSlay Subscription Cards in game. $5- 1X RSCSlay sub card
$10- 2X RSCSlay sub card
$20- 5X RSCSlay sub card
$40- 10X RSCSlay sub card

Also, if you wish to just donate just in spite of keeping the server online because it is awesome then you can do so at any time. Just use the donate button.
Please PM steps in game or on the forums to receive your RSCSlay Subscription Cards


Server Status ONLINE
Characters 1567
Forum Members 1520
Xp Rates
Combat: 10x
Wild Combat: 18x
Skill: 10x
Wild Skill: 10x
Add 2x to all for subscribers 12x-20x



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